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WoodCore WPC terrace are a combination of composite material, wood particles, thermoplastic HDPE fillers and additives. WoodCore WPC terrace is as a result of that chemical modification of wood more resistant to the action of water, UV radiation, and some biological, chemical and mechanical aspects of the environment, which gives their widespread utilization preference compared with tropical timber.

WooCore WPC decking boards:
Instalattion of WoodCore WPC patios is easy thanks to the Clip system. When installing usual house tools are sufficient. With the Clip system are visible and protruding screws are no longer an issues and thus becomes WoodCore WPC terrace friendly to your feet.

montaza_woodcore_wpc_deske1.jpg montaza_woodcore_wpc_deske2.jpg montaza_woodcore_wpc_deske3.jpg

Components for WoodCore terrace:

WoodCore WPC decking boards

Size: 150 x 25 x 4000mm
          150 x 25 x 2200mm
terrace boards wpc wooden composite slovenia 15 year warranty appearance of aged wood

Size: 150 x 25 x 4000mm
150 x 25 x 2200mm

Support joist

Size: 40 x 30 x 2200 mm

 Side covering

Size: 45 x 55 x 4000mm

 Plastic fitting

 Stainless screw
 zakljucni pokrovcek.jpg

 Closing cap