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WoodCore WPC boards for terrace, fence and facade:

Terrace is not only a central aspect of your garden but is considered as an extension of the house interior. Thanks to the natural appearance of WoodCore WPC decking boards, your terrace is in perfect optical alignment with your garden. Compared to traditional wooden decking WoodCore demands minimum maintenance. Painting, varnishing, oiling and sanding are a things of the past. WoodCore boards come in different colors and grains, which allows countless different design options. Woodcore WPC boards are suitable for terraces, roof gardens, balconies, walkways, pools, fences, winter gardens, piers, edges of ponds ...

Technology WoodCore WPC:

WoodCore is made from bamboo fiber and recycled polyethylene. The combination of these materials combines the strength and aesthetics with durability and minimal maintenance. Special heat treatment process creates a balance between 60% bamboo fibers, 30% recycled polyethylene and 10% additives.

Planning WoodCore WPC

At designing your terrace, you can choose from seven different colors of Woodcore decking and two different surface structures.

Easy installation WoodCore WPC

Installing Woodcore decking boards is easy, thanks to the Clip system. The Woodcore Clip System makes your terrace barefoot friendly and visible and protruding screws thing of the past. Standard woodworking tools are sufficient so none of the special tools are required for the installation.

Advantages of WoodCore WPC decking boards
  • boards have natural appearance
  • boards do not splitter and are barefoot friendly
  • boards are non-slip even wet
  • boards do not break
  • boards do not fall apart, do not rot and do not decompose, covered by an 12 year warranty under normal conditions of use
  • No maintenance costs, no need to paint, oil or sand
  • boards are waterproof
  • boards are resistance to insects
  • Wide range of applications: terrace, surrounding of swimming pools, balconies, winter gardens, piers, wall cladding,...
  • hue is stable, which, with time only slightly brightens
  • cleaned with water (pressure of water max 60 Bar)
  • when periodically cleaned with water, boards are completely resistant to development and growth of fungi, lichens and mosses
  • easy installation
  • choice of five different colors
  • choice of two different structures
Standard dimensions of WoodCore WPC decking boards are 150 mm x 25 mm x 2200mm and 150 mm x 25 mm x 4000mm. Due to adding of natural material during the manufacturing process of painting, hue can slightly deviate among two separate shipments.

Color chart of WoodCore WPC decking boards